Learn how CityReporter works

Inspections Are The Quickest Path To Safety…

Every city, no matter how large or small, needs to do inspections. For example, the development & planning department inspects new construction to ensure compliance with relevant building codes. The parks & recreation department ensures playgrounds are free of safety hazards and aquatic facilities comply with required health codes. The fire department is often responsible for inspecting public buildings and documenting violations of the fire code.

All those inspections add up to a lot of time and a lot of paperwork – if they’re even properly completed in the first place. The fact is, many local governments struggle to conduct and document inspections on a timely basis.

How CityReporter Works For You…

CityReporter is a powerful inspection solution that’s designed to work on mobile devices. It dramatically streamlines the inspection process by eliminating paperwork and automating reminders. As a result, towns and cities can complete their inspections consistently, promptly, and efficiently.

  • Install CityReporter on their smartphone or tablet
  • Search, then open the location you plan to inspect
  • Tap the touch screen to answer all the checklist questions
  • Take photos and add comments about safety hazards
  • File inspection records in the cloud with one tap of a button
  • Get reports and reminders emailed to key individuals, automatically

CityReporter eliminates several manual tasks from the inspection process… and automates many others. Departments equipped with this tool are able to get more done with existing resources.



What Inspections Are You Responsible For?

CityReporter is a complete inspection solution for local governments. It has a wide range of modules that are each tailored to the needs of specific municipal departments.

  • Building Inspections – for managing building permits and conducting building code inspections
  • Facility Inspections – for inspecting large buildings, pools, arenas, community centers, universities, etc
  • Fire Inspections – for fire departments seeking to quickly complete their regular fire prevention inspections
  • Workplace Safety Inspections – For inspecting all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety Issues and for electronic employee time sheet entry and reporting.
  • Playground Inspections – for inspecting parks and playgrounds to ensure they have no safety hazards
  • Road Inspections – for inspecting roads and highways and handling large amounts of data
  • Sport Field Inspections – for inspecting playing fields, courts, tracks, and sport fields of all types
  • Timesheet Tracker – For mobile electronic time sheet entry, reporting and export to payroll.