Learn how CityReporter reduces paperwork

The Public Sector Has Paper Problems

Just how much paperwork does your department generate? The truth is, most government agencies find it hard to estimate how much paper they use. It can be difficult to estimate what it costs to maintain paper-based processes. Along with the basic costs of paper, forms, and ink, departments must also consider:

  • The labor costs of filling out forms and paperwork
  • The labor costs of typing inspection data into computers
  • The labor costs of managing and updating spreadsheets
  • The storage costs of retaining physical records for decades


Ways Technology Can Cut Paperwork

Governments at the state, local, and municipal levels are responsible for generating, processing, and filing large amounts of paperwork. The typical inspection process is no different. Here’s how CityReporter can assist your municipality in reducing this load:

  • Inspection checklists are filled out on mobile devices, eliminating the need for paper forms
  • Inspection results are automatically compiled into a PDF complete with comments and photos
  • Reports are instantly emailed to key staff, eliminating the need for printing and circulating
  • Inspection records are filed permanently in the cloud, eliminating the need for filing
  • An unlimited number of inspections can be stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for physical storage


Paper Reduction Benefits Seen Quickly

The City of New York was recently in the news for trying to digitize 700,000 boxes of documents. This project was an effort to cut record retention costs, which are at least $9 million annually. But your local government doesn’t have to be that size to start seeing the benefits of digital inspections!

The City of Castlegar is a town of 10,000 citizens in British Columbia, Canada. They reported cost savings within 5 months of using CityReporter for their building code inspections. With unlimited cloud storage, they were able to eliminate a great deal of paperwork.

We have found that it has helped us lower our costs by eliminating the need for paper printing, micro fiche, and storage.Phil Markin, Director of Development Services, City of Castlegar

Consider your existing inspection process. How much paperwork would be eliminated if you didn’t need to print inspection forms or file inspection reports? What would your operations look like without the need for filing cabinets or document storage facilities?