Learn how CityReporter reduces risk

Cities Are Facing Increased Liability

Local governments provide a wide range of essential infrastructure and valuable services. They’re responsible for everything from streets and sewers to public libraries and playgrounds. But responsibility can lead to liability – and that’s a growing municipal risk management problem.

The workings of local government affect the entire community, from zoning to police and fire to schools and libraries, and the scope of liability exposure is vast.Stanley Corcoran, Risk Management Magazine

For the past decade, municipalities have faced major increases in risk management costs. Liability awards are rising dramatically. Insurance premiums are seeing double-digit increases. At this point, citizens see their local government as a defendant with deep pockets.


When Following The Law Isn’t Enough

Local governments are subject to many regulations. The vast majority follow the required standards. For example, building officials will inspect construction for compliance with the National Building Code. Recreation staff will follow standards set out by the CDC when operating aquatic facilities.

But if complying with standards is one thing… proving it is another matter. Incomplete recordkeeping often prevents cities, towns, counties, and districts from successfully defending their claims in court. It also leads to:

When it comes to municipal risk management, documentation is everything.


How Does Technology Reduce Risk?

We developed CityReporter in consultation with a large municipal insurance association. After gaining unparalleled insight into the problems facing cities, we began working together. Our team was made up of risk managers, attorneys, software developers, and experienced inspectors. Together, we designed a process that would mitigate inspection risk yet be easy to use.

The outcome of that partnership was CityReporter. Inspectors love it because it makes their job easier. Government insurance agencies are happy to recommend it since it reduces risk by:

  • Using checklists to ensure a consistent, systematic approach to inspections
  • Stamping records with the time, date, location, device signature, and inspector’s login details
  • Filing permanent inspection records in the cloud so they cannot be altered or deleted
  • Requiring additional documentation in the event of a code violation or safety hazard

CityReporter produces rock-solid documentation and has a positive impact on municipal risk management. Local governments can successfully rely upon the records as a defense in the courtroom.