Scalable and modular. CityReporter is a digital inspection management solution made up of a variety of inspection modules to choose from.

CityReporter is ideal for anyone who needs to conduct, manage and archive detailed inspections, especially for local / municipal government.

The Inspection Tool For Local Governments

All local governments do thousands of inspections, regardless of whether they’re a town of 5,000 or a city of 500,000. But if your staff are heading out with paper forms and a clipboard, they’re wasting hours every week. Don’t blame them. They know the inspections need to be done and they’re just using the best tool available.

CityReporter is an inspection management solution that completely replaces traditional inspection processes. With this tool, government workers can use tablets and smartphones to conduct faster, better inspections that lead to improved efficiency, risk management, and record-keeping.

Completely eliminates inspection paperwork by 70% or more
Ensures all staff inspect items in a consistent manner
Automatically generates permanent, rock-solid documentation
Dramatically improves efficiency and risk management