CityReplicator – Data Integration and Offline Content Storage

CityReplicator allows for offline Data storage and integration.

CityReporter Data Integration/Extraction of Data

Noratek understands it isn’t enough to provide a tool that allows city staff to complete any kind of inspection they need. That is a great start but without access to the data allowing your city to treat it like an asset all you would have is an island of isolated data. That is why we have created CityReplicator to provide integration/extraction of the inspections, photos/attachments and locations. With this tool you can map the checklists you create in CityReporter to tables in MS SQL Server allowing you to integrate the data to open data systems, Crystal Reports, MS Access or any other database you need.

The following infographic provides an overview of CityReplicator:

CityReplicator Data Integration Infographic

CityReplicator = Access to your data

CityReplicator – Schedule replication daily, hourly or whatever schedule works for you

CityReplicator – provides integration to Open Data Systems/Data Warehouses, Allows your IT Staff to write Crystal Reports, MS Access Reports, create insert triggers to push data to other systems

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