Facility & Building Inspections

For inspecting large buildings, pools, arenas, community centers, universities and more.

Manage Your Government Facilities.

Every city owns a wide range of facilities that need regular inspections. The needs of office buildings, conference venues, and leisure facilities like pools, arenas, and ice rinks are all very different, however.

Start Using Checklists To Improve Safety

CityReporter comes with a wide range of stock checklists. Developed by an independent risk manager, they are based on national safety standards.

As a result, CityReporter can be set up quickly and easily. Getting started simply involves entering your facilities and choosing the checklists you need. You can create custom checklists, too.

Start the repair and maintenance process while on site during an inspection with our CityReporter Work Order module.

Building & facility inspection module app screen
Building & facility inspection module app screen

Start Using Mobile Devices To Improve Efficiency

  • Search for the location you want to inspect and download it to your mobile device. All the required checklists will be right there, ready for you to answer.
  • Tap the touch screen to answer the questions on each checklist. Document any problems by taking a photo and add comments by typing on the touch-screen keyboard.
  • Once you’re finished, CityReporter will compile all your data into a inspection report and file it in the cloud. Facility managers can log in for a real-time snapshot of the facility.

Why Managing Your Facilities Will Become Easier

Once staff begin using CityReporter for regular inspections, maintenance instantly becomes easier. For example, facility managers can the status of each building at a glance. Locations with safety hazards will feature a red warning symbol.

It will be easier to conduct maintenance on a regular basis. CityReporter can automatically email a list of buildings with missed inspections. The software can email reports about unrepaired safety issues as well.

“CityReporter has been a huge asset to our small facilities department. It has forced us to do inspections on sites that have been overlooked in the past.

The ease of use by the inspector and ability to track deficiencies is great. The customer service has been great always there when we have had any issues. Being able to customize the inspections is one of the best features.”

Shaun Lesowski, Parks & Facilities Superintendent

Request a Demo

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Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.

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