Easily track assets in real time

Easily tackle your geospatial analysis.

CityReporter Mapping is our new mapping module that will allow users to easily locate assets in the field and access related data at the office.

Our Mapping allows you to easily create forms of geospatial data so you can create point, line, or polygon maps. Just click ”Get GPS” on your smart phone or tablet to collect the GPS point from the device and your asset will appear on the map. Simple!

CityReporter as a tool for Asset Mapping can be used to work with staff in various departments to plot, map, and view their assets with just the click of a button. Multiple users can access the same map to add points that represent assets and information about them. View detailed inspection data and status just by clicking the map icon.

Our live tracking features enable the tracking of compatible GPS devices including vehicles, tablets and smartphones in real time 24/7. Full historical data is also retained to provide details on routes driven, including dates, times and travelling speeds.

Enhancements for the Roads & Highways module provide advanced features such as compliance events which can track snowfall plowing to assist road contractors to complete work within time standards.

Built-in icons make identifying asset and vehicle types quick and easy. Extensive reporting, data exports and custom polygon layers deliver quick and detailed access to information.

If you are already a CityReporter client, you can easily add the new mapping feature to your existing modules.

Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.

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