Parks & Playground Inspections

For inspecting parks, playgrounds and amenities according to CPSC and ASTM standards.

Playgrounds must comply with safety standards.

Public playgrounds all across North America need to be inspected on a regular basis. Unfortunately, parks & recreation departments tend to be under-staffed and over-worked. With so many competing priorities, it’s easy for maintenance and safety to fall by the way side. Using playground inspection software can help solve these problems.

Conduct Faster, Better Inspections On Your Mobile Device

Using your mobile device to conduct paperless playground inspections is easy.

Simply open CityReporter and select a location, then start completing checklists. If you find a problem, document it by adding comments and photos via your touch screen.

Once you’re done the inspection, securely file it to the cloud. CityReporter will instantly compile your facts into a concise report. It can email a copy to management or maintenance, too.

Start the repair and maintenance process while on site during an inspection with our CityReporter Work Order module.

Parks & playground inspection module app screen
Parks & playground inspection module app screen

Leads To Improved Risk Management & Record-Keeping

CityReporter comes with customizable checklists based on CPSC recommendations and ASTM standards. These checklists have been approved by Ken Kutska, a renowned playground safety expert.

This playground inspection software also ensures your record-keeping meets high quality standards. Each inspection report is stamped with important details, then filed permanently in the cloud where it can never be deleted.

A Valuable Tool For Parks Departments

CityReporter is loved by CPSIs because it makes their job faster and easier. The real value, however, comes from the way it helps departments streamline maintenance processes. In the words of one Certified Playground Safety Inspector:

“This application has allowed our city to compose checklists and maintain records for the safety inspections of playground equipment in our parks. The checklists are easy to use and include pre-prepared general documents, which are customizable to suit our needs. The documents are easy to read and manipulate as needed, and the application works easily from both the office, as well as in the field with handheld devices.”

Bill Smith, CPRP / CPSI, City of Colton

There’s a reason why parks & recreation departments from coast to coast are equipping their crews with this playground inspection software! Take the first step towards improving your inspection process. Request a live demo today.

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