Sport Fields & Track Inspections

For inspecting sports fields, courts, tracks, turf, and other playing fields.

Keep Your Sport Fields in top condition.

Keeping your fields and turf in perfect playing condition isn’t all fun and games. Sports field management actually requires significant investment into maintenance, inspections, and record keeping.

Without maintenance, athletes and spectators can be injured while playing or watching games. Serious injuries can lead to legal problems for your local government. Winning or losing a court case depends on how well maintenance procedures are documented.

The All-In-One Tool For Sports Field Management

CityReporter is an inspection management solution for local governments. It contains a module specifically designed for sports field management. It also contains a module for handling work orders.

The software helps crews keep up with maintenance, inspections, G-Max tests, and record keeping. They’re able to see the current status of any sport field and receive automated email reminders when inspections are overdue.

Start the repair and maintenance process while on site during an inspection with our CityReporter Work Order module.

Sportsfield & track inspection module app screen
Sportsfield & track inspection module app screen

Instantly Improves Maintenance & Record-Keeping Procedures

  • Works on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Just tap the touch screen to inspect fields or start work orders.
  • Built-in checklists prompt staff to check for safety hazards. The checklists are based on ASTM standards and industry best practices.
  • Automatically compiles inspection data into concise reports. These digital records will be securely and permanently filed in the cloud.

Used Daily By Recreation Departments Across North America

CityReporter is trusted by local governments across North America because it improves efficiency and risk management. In the words of one sports field manager:

” Before City Reporter, staff were doing paper inspections that sometime got lost, or not done on a timely basis. Staff are now able to use a tablet or their smart phone to do the inspections. With City Reporter, Management has been able to track the inspections, create a punch list and verify completion of repairs and schedule maintenance as needed.”

Patrick White, Sports Field Manager, Rancho Santa Margarita

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Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.

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