Noratek Solutions (est. 1999) is an enterprise software development company that provide solutions for all levels of government. Two important projects stand out from our long history serving the public sector.

In the early 2000s, government sub-contractors across our province needed a better way to inspect highways. We developed an enterprise solution for them that worked on mobile platforms. The solution was a major success and strengthened our reputation within the public sector.

Soon after, a municipal insurance association contacted us with a problem. Local governments everywhere were facing an alarming rise in the frequency and cost of liability claims. Most of the claims involved inspections in some way.

Working together, we began to imagine a smarter inspection process. We released CityReporter in 2008 after extensive consultation with risk managers, attorneys, experienced inspectors, and focus groups.

Now used by municipalities across the continent, it is another testament to our focus to create successful government solutions.