The Fire Code requires that all owners of buildings shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of the Fire Code regardless of local Fire Commissioner, Fire Inspector or other AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) inspectionsBasically, it’s your building – you are required to meet all aspects of the Fire Code. (NFC – Responsibility)

What Applies in Buildings

  1. Applies to all new and existing buildings and facilities.
  2. Fire Safety – Relates to specific elements of the building and facility, design or construction of the building, building protection as prescribed based on occupancy.
  3. Safety in Use – Applies to activities related to the use of the building and facility, condition of the building or facility, inadequately built-in protection for the building or facility.
  4. Designed to provide and maintain a Safe Building or Facility for all those who occupy.
Your Responsibilities

You are required to maintain a safe building.

  1. You are required to control storage in the building, including service rooms, hazardous processes areas, classrooms, etc.
  2. You are required to maintain clear access to exits in buildings, maintain all exits, fire exit lights, and emergency lights.
  3. You are required to maintain all fire protection equipment (fire extinguishers, fire alarms systems, sprinkler systems, standpipes, etc.)
  4. You are required to provide fire department access when requested including an emergency plan and a fire safety plan.

Inspection requirements should encompass (NFC – Records)

  1. All rooms, hallways, means of egress and fire exits.
  2. All storage rooms, service rooms, kitchens.
  3. Fire safety systems, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, etc.
  4. Hazardous Processes and Operations- Specific to shops, labs, etc.
  5. Fire Safety Plans & Fire Drills.

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