Does modernizing your inspection process seem like an intimidating task? We can help. We have walked local governments of all sizes through this process. Read on to see what you can expect.

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Research the Problem.

How much inspection paperwork does your department generate? What kind of risks do departments like yours typically face? How do you currently fall short of record-keeping best practices? We’ve put together articles to help you bolster your case in our Helpful Resources library.

What You’ll Need: basic insight into why this problem is an important one for your organization.

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Know the processes.

Think about your current inspection process. What do you inspect? How often are those inspections needed? Is your actual inspection process aligned with industry standards and regulations you must follow? What problems affect your current inspection practices?

What You’ll Need: basic insight into your current practices and knowledge of applicable regulations.

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See a live demo.

We’ll set up an online meeting to find out more about your current inspection process. We’ll start by learning about your frustrations, challenges, and goals. After that, we’ll show you how CityReporter works and how it can solve your problems. You’ll also gain insight into how other local governments use it.

What You’ll Need: a phone, an internet connection, and about 45 minutes for the meeting.

Discuss internally.

How might maintenance processes improve by using digital inspection tools? What projects will your staff tackle once they start spending less time on paperwork? Who would be responsible for managing the transition away from paper? Where would the budget funds for the purchase come from?

What You’ll Need: a meeting with your key staff, additional conversations with your vendor.

Enjoy the benefits.

Local governments will notice an immediate improvement in efficiency due to the elimination of paper forms. Getting reports from inspection data will be easier (no more spreadsheets!). Communication between team members will be streamlined, too. Our team will support you through this entire journey to ensure you’re getting the most out of CityReporter.

What You’ll Need: inspectors committed to using the software during all their routine inspections.

Inspect More. Work Less.

Let us show you how with one of our 3 demo options.

Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.

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