With CityReporter we know it isn’t enough just to collect and store data. Modern government IT departments have to take it one step further and make that data available to the appropriate people needing to make decisions.

That is why we built CityReplicator, this is a sophisticated tool that will allow you to setup a replication strategy needed for integrating the inspection data with key systems from GIS to Open Data systems. Using CityReplicator you can design the tables needed and the schedule required to move the data from CityReporter’s cloud to your local Microsoft SQL server. Once you have CityReplicator configured and running you could also use reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Tableau or one of the other many reporting tools available to provide meaning reports that could improve management decisions on a daily basis.

Using this tool, we have already built integrations with ERP’s such as Diamond and Vadim as well as in house systems at various cities.

If you need to leverage the data your city is collecting please give us a call today and we will be happy to walk you through the details!

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