How To Change The Default Question Type

One way to quickly customize CityReporter for your inspection needs is to update the default inspection question type from Yes / No to something different, such as Yes / No / NA / Priority Fault. This allows you to choose “Not Applicable” as an answer to a question. It also allows you to set priority levels for any problems you find.

1. Using your computer, log into CityReporter web with your city code, username, and password. Next, click the Setup button at the bottom left of the screen, as shown.

2. Select a module from the tabs at the top of the page, as shown.

3. Use the drop down menus to change the Default Question Type for any Inspection Group. In the example below, the default question type is being changed to “Yes / No / NA / Priority Fault”. This will allow inspectors to set a priority level for any safety hazards or code violations found.

4. Once you have updated your default question type, click the Save button. It’s the tiny floppy disk icon at the bottom right of the screen. Before your do your next inspection, tap the Refresh button on your tablet. This will ensure your changes are reflected on your mobile device.


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