How To Copy Checklist Questions

If you find you need to create very similar checklists, you can easily copy questions from an existing checklist to use as a starting point for a new one. To move an entire checklist, see How To Move Custom Checklists Between Groups.

1. Using your computer, log into CityReporter web with your city code, username, and password. Then click the Setup button at the bottom of the screen, as shown.

2. Select a module tab from the top of the screen. As you can see, we have created a custom checklist group called “Daily Inspections”. For this example, we will copy the General Playground checklist questions into a new checklist in the Daily Inspections group.

3. Click the Edit button beside the group where you would like to create a new checklist – the Daily Inspections group in this example.

4. Click the green plus button and select the Add New Checklist (Above or Below) option.

5. Enter in the name of your new checklist and add an optional description, as shown. Click the OK button.

6. You will be asked if you want this checklist to be added to all existing parks in this group. Click Yes if that’s what you want, or No if you would rather choose which individual parks should get this new checklist.

7. Click the Save button at the top left to save this new checklist that you have created.

8. Click the button for your newly created checklist. Next, click the green plus button in the white area of the screen and select the Copy Questions From Existing Checklist option.

9. Using the drop-down menus, locate the inspection group and checklist with the questions that you want to copy into your new checklist. In this example, we want the General Playground checklist which is in the Playground Inspections group.

10. Check the boxes next to the questions you would like copied or use the Select All button. Click OK.

11. You have now copied the questions from one checklist to another! Click the Save button at the top of the screen to ensure your changes are saved, and tell all your inspectors to refresh CityReporter on their mobile device in order to see the newest checklist.

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