How To Edit the Work Order Job Sheet

Every work order begins with a Job Sheet, and all of our Job Sheets come with three basic fields: Assign To, Location, and Describe Job. You can add more fields for any other information you would like to record on each work order. The Job Sheet is a general form with basic information, while Tasks are meant to be more specific. For instructions on how to create and edit Tasks, check out our tutorial How To Create and Edit Work Order Tasks.

1. Using your computer, log into CityReporter web with your city code, username, and password. Select the Work Orders tab on the left and then click the Setup button at the top of the screen, as shown.

2. In the Manage Work Order Tasks and Summary Screen box, find the group with the Job Sheet you would like to modify and click the Edit button next to it.

3. Editing a Job Sheet is just like editing a form in our other modules. Questions you see in black text are part of the template and can’t be deleted.

4. To add a new field to your Job Sheet, click on the plus button next to one of the questions and then choose whether you would like the new question inserted above or below the selected question.

5.  For each question, enter a Question Label and select a Question Type. You can make the question mandatory (users cannot complete the form without answering it) and set formatting options if desired. To add the new question, click Ok at the bottom of the box.

6. Repeat the above steps to add as many questions as you need, using a variety of question types such as checkboxes, text boxes, and combo drop-downs. User Combo and Park/Sportsfield/Facility/Road Combo are special question types in the Work Orders module. The User Combo question lets you choose a user’s name when filling out the work order. The Park Combo question lets you choose a park location from the Parks & Playgrounds module, while the Facility Combo lets you choose a facility location from the Facilities & Buildings module, etc. Once you have finished adding all of your questions to the Job, click the Save icon at the top of the screen.