How To Set Different Inspection Intervals For Checklists

When setting up locations in CityReporter, you have the option to choose how frequently that location should be inspected. You can also set a different inspection interval for a particular checklist at that same location. An example might be a facility that requires daily inspections, while the checklist for the washrooms should be completed on an hourly basis. Also see our tutorial on How To Set the Next Inspection Date.

Inspection intervals are available in the following modules:

1. Using your computer, log into CityReporter web with your city code, username, and password. Next, click the location Management button at the top of the screen, as shown.

2. Choose the location you wish to update by clicking on the Edit button.

3. Click the tab for the inspection group you would like to edit.

4. In this example, the playground is supposed to be inspected every 30 days. The Default Inspection Interval of 30 days applies to all inspection checklists on this tab unless you override it by setting an Inspection Interval for a particular checklist in days or hours. The “General Playground” checklist below, which covers garbage cans and graffiti, should be completed every 7 days.

5. Click Save to keep your changes.


Ways To Implement This Feature

One of the ways you could use this feature is to set up a custom checklist for daily or hourly inspection activities. Let’s say you manage a facility and would like staff to inspect the public restrooms on an hourly basis. Create a new checklist and add questions to guide your staff, such as:

  • Is the bathroom stocked with toilet paper?
  • Is the bathroom stocked with paper towels?
  • Are the soap dispensers adequately filled?
  • Are the counters and sinks relatively clean?
  • Are the floors free of litter and garbage?
  • Is the overall condition satisfactory?

Once you have finished this custom hourly restroom inspection checklist, go ahead and add it to your facility. Tick the box to add the checklist to your facility… then set the inspection interval for one hour. You will then be able to see if staff have missed any inspections the next time you view the Overdue Inspections report.

Don’t forget to remind your staff to refresh CityReporter on their mobile devices so they can see the new checklist.


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