How The Integration Works

CityReporter offers two-way integration with iCity Enterprise, by Vadim Software. Building permits that are created in iCity can be automatically transferred into CityReporter’s building permit module, and building inspections completed in CityReporter can be automatically copied back into iCity’s building permit module.

What 2-Way Integration Means

Use iCity to create building permits. Once city staff create a permit in iCity, it is automatically copied over into CityReporter. You decide how often iCity should send permits over to the inspection software – hourly, daily, or some other schedule.

Use CityReporter to do inspections.
Building inspectors will download permits to their mobile device, select one of the permit locations, and complete the necessary inspections. Once the inspection is filed with CityReporter, the complete record is copied over into iCity.

Use iCity to view all permit details. Thanks to the two-way integration, building departments can finally view the complete history of a permit – from the application date to the final inspection results – in iCity’s building permits module.

Already Use Vadim Software?

If your local government already uses Vadim Software to manage building permits, here’s what you need to do to add the CityReporter integration and do your building permit inspections with CityReporter.

Get a CityReporter license. Start here to see how building inspections are done using CityReporter, then contact us for a demo and quote for your annual license.

Get the integration component. Contact Vadim Software to get a quote for the integration component and find out what it will take to get CityReporter working with your iCity building permit module.

Our IT teams will then work together to set up your two-way building permit module integration in a way that best meets the needs of your building & planning department.