In today’s hectic world we all look for that edge.  That little something to help us perform, to help us stand out, to help us manage our time, and to help us be more productive.

That edge you are looking for is CityReporter, and there are numerous benefits we bring to the table.

Our CityReporter inspection software is an ideal solution for local / municipal governments and from our experience in working with cities of all sizes throughout North America, we have created a benefits list for key departments and personnel who will assess our product.

Easy to use – Thousands of inspectors across North America use CityReporter daily.
Reduced paperwork – Green Solution– lower cost – no storage issues
Digital records offer instant access and reporting with images included
More efficient use of workers time provides excellent ROI
Ensures visit targets are achievable and helps to manage staff to reach those goals.
Enables effective preventative maintenance programs.
Required repairs are tracked to completion and fully documented with images proving repair was properly completed and when.
Public safety is improved
Liability risk is reduced
High resolution images can be taken and automatically attached for every inspection providing historical proof of condition for every asset.

You may also be interested in how we store and secure your data. For more information, please click here.

Inspect More. Work Less.

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