Where CityReporter really shines is when it’s in the hands of the direct user.  For those who are still using a paper based system, this will be an adjustment, however if you can send a text on your phone, you can easily work the CityReporter software.

  • Dramatically streamlines the inspection process to get more done with existing resources
  • Eliminates paperwork – no more clipboards, file folders, or papers to carry around
  • Provides an easy to use, intuitive mobile application for completing inspections/work orders in the field
  • Works on a variety of devices so you can choose the phone or tablet that works best for you – iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Android tablets, and Windows tablets are all supported
  • Makes it easy to attach pictures to inspection records/work orders using your mobile device’s camera – no need to carry a separate camera or transfer photos to your computer
  • Helps inspectors in the same department complete inspections more consistently by using the same set of checklists
  • Lets you view the most recent inspection record even if it was done by a different inspector on a different device
  • Runs without an Internet connection so you can still complete inspections in remote areas without cell service – simply save the records and wait until you have a Wi-Fi or data connection to upload them
  • Saves time by eliminating the need to do data entry once you get back to the office – upload your inspection reports and work orders to the cloud with one tap on your device’s touch screen
  • Produces better documentation with legible text instead of struggling to read handwritten notes
  • Automatically emails copies of inspection reports and work orders to alert the appropriate individual(s) of issues on site
  • Automatically sends reports to remind you about inspections coming up, ones that are overdue, and outstanding issues needing attention
  • Enhances communication between management and field staff by providing quick access to important information by email, over the web, and on your mobile devices
  • Enables you to improve your inspection process as needed with the ability to fully customize your inspection checklists and work order forms

Inspect More. Work Less.

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