For Chief Administrative Officers, or other top-tier executives, CityReporter software brings a number of positive advantages to you and your team.  From increased efficiency, a higher level of job satisfaction, to detailed reporting or proof of performance.  CityReporter can easily be one of your departments best friends.

  • Digital process enables efficient oversight of inspection and maintenance / repair process. Reporting will provide updated status almost instantly.
  • Improved public services operations ensures better public relations with residents and tourists
  • ROI and reduced repair costs improves budgetary position
  • Improved safety for public services reduces injuries for improved public relations and cost savings.
  • Efficient reporting provides City council with proof of performance and updated status on all properties and assets. Typically CAO must attend every council meeting and answer on issues raised
  • Helps them meet their code of ethics requirements to ensure assets are cared for and safety ensured for the residents and tourists using public properties and services.
  • Improved customer service through better access to information regarding current state and pending repairs etc.

Inspect More. Work Less.

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