With CityReporter being an inspection software solution, our core benefits are obviously not aimed at IT.  What is a benefit for IT is that CityReporter is a proven solution, used by thousands, since 2008.  Our products have been assessed, compared, tested and questioned by IT departments throughout North America and we’ve had incredible success overcoming any concerns.

CityReporter is also a product from Noratek Solutions, and a major part of this company is providing IT solutions for businesses and even various levels of government.

  • Complete Inspection Management solution from playground Inspections to permit inspections CityReporter provides the tools you need.
  • We work with each of our clients to help insure CityReporter fits into their environment rather than making their environment fit with CityReporter.
  • CityReporter was created for local government with guidance and influence from many local government experts.
  • CityReporter modules come prebuilt with expertly written checklists. For example, our Parks and Playgrounds module has checklists from Ken Kutska, who is a Director of the International Playground Safety Institute.
  • Once your business areas are using CityReporter to perform the many inspections they do, you will be able to leverage CityReplicator to harness the data they are collecting. This tool has been used to pipe the collected data to in-house applications ranging from GIS to Open Data systems, allowing your city to treat the data as an asset.
  • CityReporter comes pre-built with 80-90% of the checklists that you need. It also has a robust checklist (or a form builder) management tool, with over 45 different question types to select from ensuring you can create the additional checklists that you may need now and in the future.
A quick note regarding Adobe Flash

Since Adobe announced that they will phase out the Flash plugin, Noratek Solutions has been actively planning and developing the non-Flash version of our CityReporter Web software. This new version is being developed in HTML5, which will result in more efficient, flexible software for our customers.

While our Flash version of CityReporter Web will continue to operate in major web browsers until the end of 2020, we anticipate releasing the new HTML5-based web version well in advance of the Flash end-of-life date. Please stay in touch with us for updates and specific release date information.

The migration to HTML5 applies only to the web-based version of CityReporter, as our mobile iOS and Android versions do not require Flash for any of their functions.

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