Accountability and assurance are the two key benefits for Risk Managers.  CityReporter is a detailed inspection checklist format that ensures inspections are done thoroughly, along with the ability to attach and archive photos when necessary.  There is even options to send work orders at the time of the inspection and track them, if necessary. CityReporter provides a consistent inspection process across time and inspectors.

  • Inspection management process ensures visits are performed
  • Due diligence is shown
  • Reduced injuries and claims
  • Payouts reduced through digital records
  • Repairs and maintenance performed on time
  • Every inspection is secure from editing or deletion and includes tracking data including GPS location
  • Helps them meet their code of ethics requirements to ensure safety for the residents using public properties and services
  • Seamless integration of photographic proof of condition and repairs directly included in inspection questions, noted issued, repair and work order documentation proving completion.

Inspect More. Work Less.

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