There are many software solutions that touch on other elements, for instance some accounting software does basic time tracking, or time tracking does basic accounting.  With digital inspection software we often get grouped with asset management software and although some asset management solutions do have some basic inspection options, they are not as robust or detailed as what CityReporter can offer.

CityReporter inspection solutions is an ideal compliment to asset management systems.  They focus on assets, we focus on inspections of those assets in a thorough manner.

  • Inspection management helps the City workers achieve safety goals, maintenance goals, and repair goals to standards required. Asset software lacks the tools to do this.
  • Inspection software is typically much more efficient and thorough at performing inspections, issuing work orders and documenting completed maintenance and repairs.
  • Inspection and Visits reporting is specialized, asset software’s typically do not have suitable reporting processes to provide this.
  • Inspections and repairs are scheduled, tracked, color coded, reported and followed up with automated processes. These functions typically do not exist in asset software.
  • Professionally prepared Inspection checklists are provided with the inspection software, asset software will not include suitable checklists.
  • Inspection software has more than 45 different question type options, and the ability for end users to easily and quickly create and edit checklists with a vast assortment of options for collecting data. Asset software’s typically lack the versatility to properly collect and track data produced and collected during the inspection process.
  • Inspection software Data can easily be exported or integrated into other systems, asset software integrations tend to be difficult and expensive.
  • Inspection software can inspect and document virtually any concern even if no “asset” is involved. Some examples would be environmental conditions, air quality, circumstances surrounding events.

Inspect More. Work Less.

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