Here at Noratek Solutions we understand how difficult it can be to make budgeting decisions, especially when it involves software.

CityReporter was designed to maximize value. Since it was created and performed its first mobile inspection over 15 years ago, CityReporter’s mobile inspection management process has been enhanced, streamlined and refined.

Our goal is to provide an effective, agile, visit management solution that maximizes Return on Investment for our clients.

Our process has been shown to reduce inspection and visit related labor costs by 40% or more.

 Our automated email processes reduce or eliminate duplication of efforts by interrelated departments.
Our digital forms with mandatory response options ensure consistent inspections are performed by all staff, reducing or eliminating the need for re-inspecting due to errors or omissions, even new or inexperienced inspectors can complete visit goals to standard.
Report assembly, filing and records searching hours are reduced to minutes. Need the annual report showing all visits performed on all locations?  Perhaps a report listing all outstanding repair issues? How about a detailed report showing every inspection performed, listing every question and every answer, with photos, for any location you have inspected, during any time span? – In less than 1 minute from login to printing CityReporter will produce any one of these reports.

Now that’s efficiency. How long would it take you to produce these reports with your current process?

For Fire and Building Permit inspections…

Less hours per inspection results in more inspections performed, and often creates more time for other responsibilities as well.

For private contractors and inspection consultants…

Well, let’s be frank, time is money. CityReporter has been shown to produce a 40% reduction in the time it takes to perform and process inspections. That level of cost reduction = serious ROI for your business.

For those who are still using paper forms with digital photos…

The annual savings from switching to CityReporter can often exceed the cost of our software, providing a net return instead of an expense.

For Parks, Facilities and Recreation users…

These savings have been used to increase visit frequency, and this has resulted in improved preventative maintenance, further reducing repair costs and extending equipment life. Reduced downtime and improved service levels have often improved revenues from rentals.

When service standards improve, positive community feedback is sure to follow. Fewer resident requests to process = more time saved, happy residents and more bookings for your cities services.

Increased visit frequency has also been shown to improve safety, resulting in fewer incidents, and fewer claims being paid out. The average payout for most injury claims far exceeds the annual cost for CityReporter, and we can all sleep better knowing that the city has provided a safer environment for its residents.