Risk Management

Training Workshops & Seminars

Alan Kavanaugh has provided various Risk Management and Loss Control training services for Industrial and Manufacturing operations, Municipalities, Governments, School Districts, and Educational Institutions right across Western Canada.

Training topics include;

  • Facility Inspections
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Code-Based Inspection Requirements
  • Playground & Sportfields Inspection and Maintenance
  • Fire Protection System Inspection
  • Testing & Maintenance
  • Process Hazards
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Risks
  • Hazardous Operations Analysis
  • Dust Mitigation Audits
  • Development of Inspection Programs
  • Inspection & Maintenance Workshops

Playground Workshops (Inspection & Maintenance Requirements) – Provided to most School Districts in British Columbia and many municipalities in Western Canada

Fire Protection Systems (Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Requirements) – Provided to many school districts and municipalities right across Western Canada

Hotel Liabilities, Commercial Kitchen Operations, Liabilities, Recreational Liabilities, Sidewalk and Walkway Maintenance – Provided to many Insurance Broker organizations as part of their ongoing educational requirements

Interior and Exterior Hazards (Custom) – Developed based on the exposure for particular clients. Could be based on Loss control (fire, sprinkler, dust, housekeeping), Liability (inspections, condition, exposures, agreements, contracts, etc.). Operational (inspections, equipment maintenance, loss prevention, updating, etc.)

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