Cities Handle Many Types Of Inspections

City Inspection Processes Are Improving

Every local government, no matter how large or small, conducts thousands of inspections. In the past, most of these inspections were completed using paper forms and clipboards.

  • Building officials inspect new construction before issuing occupancy permits
  • CPSIs check public playgrounds for safety hazards and maintenance tasks
  • Administrative teams inspect the workplace for compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Fire chiefs review public buildings for compliance with the fire code and local bylaws

That’s all changing. CityReporter is an Inspection Management solution that completely replaces traditional inspection processes. With this software installed on a smartphone or tablet, municipal workers can conduct faster, better inspections and produce work orders for maintenance and repair, then file them all to the cloud. Our web application can allow office staff to instantly view the filed inspections and work orders, save and print reports, and edit or create work orders as required to ensure repairs are completed on time.

CityReporter Inspection Management software improves efficiency, risk management, and record-keeping processes to save you time and money.


The Right Software Solution Makes It All Easier

CityReporter can be equipped with the inspection modules you require and an integrated work order module. Each of these modules matches the inspection and regulatory needs of various municipal departments. As a result, this one inspection management solution can be deployed city-wide.

What type of inspections do you conduct? Click to learn more about how CityReporter can help you in your current role.

  • Building Permits & Code Inspections – For managing building permits and conducting the required building code inspections
  • Fire Inspections – For fire departments seeking to complete their regular fire prevention inspections quickly
  • Road & Highway Inspections – For inspecting roads and highways and managing the large amounts of data that go with the job
  • Timesheet Tracker – For mobile electronic time sheet entry, reporting and export to payroll.
  • Work OrderFor mobile and web based integrated work order management

Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.