Cities Handle Many Types Of Inspections

Cities Handle A Wide Range Of Inspections

Every local government, no matter how large or small, conducts thousands of inspections. In the past, most of these inspections were completed using paper forms and clipboards.

  • Building officials inspect new construction before issuing occupancy permits
  • CPSIs check public playgrounds for safety hazards and maintenance tasks
  • Administrative teams inspect the workplace for compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Fire chiefs review public buildings for compliance with the fire code and local bylaws

That’s all changing. CityReporter is government software that completely replaces traditional inspection processes. With this solution installed on a smartphone or tablet, municipal workers can conduct faster, better inspections. At the same time, the software improves efficiency, risk management, and record-keeping.


The Right Government Software Makes It All Easier

CityReporter contains several inspection modules and a work order module. Each of these modules matches the inspection and regulatory needs of various municipal departments. As a result, this one inspection management solution can be deployed city-wide.

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Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.