Our Building Permit Process Can Help…

If there’s one thing that cities across North America agree on, it’s that permitting processes need to improve. That’s because municipalities are struggling with:

City councils everywhere are pressuring planning departments to resolve these issues. Our building permit software can make the process easier.


How Our Building Permit Software Can Help

1. Create A Permit Application. Planning staff are able to update the permit every time the status changes, such as when the plans are ready for review and when the application has been approved.

Once staff issue the building permit, they can continue to track the permit status. It’s easy to mark whether fees have been collected, review the inspections that are still outstanding, and update the permit status until the construction is complete.

The building permit software walks planning staff through the application process.


Building officials can complete inspections using checklists
2. Complete All Building Code Inspections. Building officials can head out to the job site with the CityReporter building permit software on their smartphone or tablet.

With a few taps on their touch screen, they can search for a permit and complete an inspection checklist. Code violations can be documented with photos and comments. To prevent errors, all required inspections must be completed before finalizing the permit.


3. File The Inspection Report. After completing the inspection, the building official taps a button and CityReporter compiles everything into a concise report that’s filed in the cloud. The permit is automatically updated to show which inspections are remaining.

A detailed copy of the inspection report can be automatically emailed to the contractor. Inspectors can also send the report to a wireless printer if the contractor wants a hard copy.

The building permit software automatically handles report creation.


It’s Time To Improve Your Permit Processes

Many of the permitting solutions used by local governments are outdated legacy systems. By contrast, CityReporter is an up-to-date cloud solution that’s easy to use. That’s because we developed it with substantial input from experienced building officials. After implementing CityReporter as your building permit and inspection solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily see the current status of every building permit
  • Avoid missing or skipping critical steps in the process
  • Schedule inspections and sync to your Outlook calendar
  • Eliminate inspection forms, paperwork, and spreadsheets
With our old paper-based system we struggled with lost forms, having to print photos to insert in building files, and purchasing expensive multi-part forms. All of these problems are now a thing of the past. Our files are now complete, legible, and have photos to document our findings.Robert Blain, Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

CityReporter building permit software is designed for small and medium sized local governments. Take the first step towards improving your inspection process. Request a live demo today!

Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.