The Reality Of Fire Inspection Backlogs

Regular fire prevention inspections are an integral part of public safety. That’s because research shows a strong correlation between property fires and fire code violations. Unfortunately, fire departments of all sizes struggle to complete inspections on time. Every year, new audits and reports reveal inspection backlogs in towns across North America.

The public, the media, and city council want that to change.


How Fire Inspection Checklists On Your Tablet Can Help

CityReporter has a library of fire inspection checklists based on the national fire code
CityReporter is inspection management software used by fire departments to reduce backlogs. It works on tablets and smartphones and speeds up the process in several ways.

  • Cuts time spent on reporting. Members complete fire inspection checklists on their mobile device, then document any code violations. CityReporter automatically compiles the data into a report and emails it to the property owner. There’s no typing back at the office or mailing reports by post.
  • Highlights properties with problems. Members can easily see which properties have high, medium, or low priority code violations. Each property will have a color-coded symbol that identifies the compliance status.
  • Identifies when inspections are due. Members can pull up a list of all properties on their tablet and see when the next inspection is due. CityReporter can also automatically email a report of overdue inspections.
CityReporter identifies properties with fire code violations


Designed For Small Fire Departments

CityReporter was developed with input from fire chiefs in small towns. It contains a library of fire inspection checklists based on the national fire code. This allows fire prevention officers to get started with inspections immediately. All you need to do is import your inspectable properties from an Excel spreadsheet.

My days are so much more productive. I don’t know about the cost savings of using less paper, but it makes my life a heck of a lot easier. You can’t put a price tag on that. I wish they had technology like this years ago.Jim McBride, Director of Protective Services

CityReporter is trusted by local governments across North America. If your small fire department is having difficulties keeping on top of inspections, consider making the investment in up-to-date tools that will help.

Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.