Efficient and Easy to Use Fire/Code Enforcement Software

Helping local Fire Departments and Code Enforcement Staff digitally document concerns and recommendations, develop ways and means of conformance. And allowing them to quickly update emergency planning and Fire Prevention for the local community.

Rapid & Responsive Software For Emergency Services

Spend More Time Focused on Lifesaving Services

Research shows a strong correlation between property fires and fire code violations. But, updates to audits and reports create backlogs in workflow management and inspections.

CityReporter’s Fire & Code Enforcement software helps local Fire Departments meet their code based inspection requirements and accumulate information for Emergency Planning.

With CityReporter you can significantly reduce the exposure to personal liability, reducing time between when a dangerous condition is identified to when it is resolved, freeing up time to focus on other health and safety responsibilities.

Ensure Public Safety

Go Paperless, Eliminate Inefficiency

Automated inspection software optimizes workflow and eliminates unnecessary time spent reading through reports, prioritizing tasks, and locating compliance issues, ultimately helping your team ensure public safety.

CityReporter contains a library of fire inspection checklists based on the national fire code. This allows your team to get started with inspections immediately after installing properties in the software.

Handle Administrative Tasks
Determine who receives a copy of pending and overdue work reports
Schedule inspection frequencies
Highlight properties with problems so fire prevention officers can easily see which properties have high, medium, or low priority code violations
Track permit or location needs
Capture Signatures in the field
Create new locations in the field when needed
Optimize Administration Worfklows

Improve Public Safety and Build Stronger Communities

CityReporter’s inspection software makes days more productive! Automating some of the team’s work helps to free up resources and reduce time from when a dangerous situation is discovered, to when it is resolved, improving overall public safety.

By optimizing administrative work flow, CityReporter Software will help local fire departments meet all the their inspection requirements, schedule and book inspections and provide a database of information they can utilize for their Fire Prevention and Emergency Planning needs.

Find out how CityReporter can provide quicker response times between concerns and resolutions during Fire Prevention Inspections.