Handle Municipal Health & Safety Inspections with CityReporter

The Human Resources Health And Safety Module Is Now Available

Now, you’ll be able to use CityReporter to handle your employee Occupational Health and Safety inspection needs.faster-permit-times-st-johns

  • Improve workplace health & safety using this mobile and web based inspection management process.
  • Includes a “Getting Started” checklist to help with planning and setting up your safety program or to evaluate your existing program.
  • You’re ready to conduct inspections with 24 installed Occupational Health and Safety checklists, and you can create your own custom checklists as well.
  • Automated email reports for outstanding issues, overdue inspections and future inspections pending will help you manage your workload.
  • Automated email delivery of completed inspections to designated individuals will ensure everyone is informed.
  • The full electronic time sheet entry and reporting system for tracking and reporting employee work hours will make payroll fast and easy.

Employee health and safety is a serious matter. Workplace inspections and corrective actions are “Must Do” activities for management. Ensuring you have proper secure records of Health and Safety inspections, when corrective actions were taken, when safety meetings were held and employee hours of work is not only sound management practice, but required by law in the USA and Canada.

Our software can make this process more efficient, properly document all aspects of employee Health and Safety activity, track and report hours of work for payroll, and provide you with secure digital records and simple reporting processes.

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