Improved Work Order Management

CityReporter’s innovative work order software with an integrated self-service portal allows you to efficiently assign, manage and track all requests through a streamlined workflow.

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Enhanced Work Order Management

Optimize Communication & Workflow Processes

Experience a seamless work order process that not only enhances documentation and communication but also revolutionizes the way maintenance requests are handled. With CityReporter, you can eliminate misplaced documents, misunderstandings, and costly mistakes caused by human error.

Eliminate the days of tedious paperwork and endless back-and-forth communication. With just a few simple clicks of a button, you can effortlessly assign, organize, and fulfill maintenance requests, saving valuable time and resources. CityReporter’s intuitive interface ensures that no request goes unnoticed, providing you with a streamlined workflow that maximizes productivity.

Innovative Digital Efficiency

Access Anytime, Anywhere

CityReporter’s work order process goes beyond just eliminating errors and improving communication. It empowers you to enhance service excellence by enabling efficient and proactive inspection and maintenance processes. By proactively addressing maintenance needs, you can prevent potential issues before they escalate, ensuring a safe and well-maintained environment for everyone.

Get ready to experience a new level of efficiency, organization, and service excellence with CityReporter’s innovative work order process. CityReporter revolutionizes the way inspections and work orders are conducted by introducing the convenience of smartphones and tablets. By utilizing these mobile devices, the entire process of inspecting and maintaining areas is expedited. For your convenience, no mobile data connection is required for inspections, making it incredibly efficient. Once the reports are filed, they will automatically upload to the cloud as soon as the mobile device regains coverage.

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Modernize with a Self-Service Concern Portal

Our self-service Concern Portal is designed to provide a seamless and efficient workflow through its internal and external platforms.

External Portal

With our external platform, citizens can easily report any concerns or issues they come across, no matter where they are located. They can provide valuable information such as GPS coordinates and attached photos, which greatly enhances the clarity of the concern and the quality of the service.

Internal Portal

On the other hand, our internal platform focuses on streamlining the interdepartmental work order process. By fostering transparent communication and facilitating collaboration between different departments, we ensure a more efficient response to any maintenance request or concern. This not only saves time but also enables you to address the issues in a more effective and timely manner.

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