CityReporterTM Inspection Software by Noratek helps local
governments improve productivity, risk management, documentation and efficiency.
Reduce Inspection
time by 40%.
CityReporterTM is modular so you use only what you need and is scalable allowing you to add-on inspection modules when you need to.
CityReporterTM creates a very efficient environment which allows you and your team to complete the volume of inspections you have in less time.
Work Less.
Inspect More.

Welcome to CityReporter Inspection Software, a paperless, comprehensive inspection management solution that is mobile friendly, customizable, easy to use and is easy to set up.

Use your tablet or smartphone to conduct faster, better inspections that lead to improved efficiency, risk management and record-keeping.  Perform inspections for Parks and Playgrounds, Facilities, Arenas and swimming pools, Building Permits and Construction, Fire Prevention, Sport Fields, Highways and Roads, and Workplace Safety all with CityReporter.  Offering you a comprehensive inspection solution.

Cities around you are conducting faster, better inspections with CityReporter. Discover how this can work for you!

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Inspect More. Work Less.

Let us show you how with one of our 3 demo options.

Most cities start by arranging a one-on-one demo to see how CityReporter works.

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CityReporterTM Inspection Modules. Use only what you need.

CityReporter is an inspection management software solution that comes in specific modules, so you only need to use and pay for what you need.  Each module is tailored to the needs of specific municipal government departments. Individually these modules are robust, detailed, customizable and easy to use.  Together, they can quickly become a very valuable asset for any local government as these solutions will make you more efficient, help manage risk factors and provide detailed records that are always at your fingertips.

Need help choosing what inspection modules are right for you? Contact Us.

There are many advantages to going with CityReporter as your inspection management solution. If you’re interested, contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our Product Specialists.  From here we can guide you on what module(s) will best suite your needs, explain our advantages and all the benefits you will get when going with our inspection software.

Inspection solutions that complement Asset Management software. Together we are like peanut butter and jelly.

Asset Management software is a key component to any municipal government and although they can offer some very basic inspection elements, they do not provide you with the detail that our solutions do.  CityReporter is an ideal complement to any asset management software as our focus is on ensuring your inspections are done with the integrity you need.

Less paperwork, less risk, better record keeping. Just some of the benefits of going digital.

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Improved Productivity

Stop entering inspection data into spreadsheets and manually creating reports. Cities can cut the amount of time they spend on paperwork by 70% or more.

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Improved Risk Management

The cost and number of liability claims against municipalities is increasing dramatically. When a city loses a claim, it’s often related to poor inspection documentation.

Improved Record Keeping

One tap on your touch screen automatically files your inspection records in the cloud. The digital records take up no space in document storage facilities and can’t be deleted.

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