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Inspection software helps local governments improve productivity, risk management, documentation, and efficiency.


Every local government, no matter how large or small, needs inspections done. Building officials inspect new construction before issuing occupancy permits. CPSIs check playgrounds for safety hazards. Fire chiefs review public buildings for compliance with the fire code. It all adds up to a lot of time and a lot of paperwork.

CityReporter is an inspection management solution that completely replaces traditional inspection processes. With this tool, municipal workers can use tablets and smartphones to conduct faster, better inspections that lead to improved efficiency, risk management, and record-keeping.

What Kind Of Inspections Do You Conduct?

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Three Major Benefits Of Going Digital

Improved Productivity

Stop entering inspection data into spreadsheets and manually creating reports.  Cities can cut the amount of time they spend on paperwork by 70% or more.

Improved Risk Management

The cost and number of liability claims against municipalities is increasing dramatically.  When a city loses a claim, it’s often related to poor inspection documentation.

Improved Record Keeping

One tap on your touch screen automatically files your inspection records in the cloud.  The digital records take up no space in document storage facilities and can’t be deleted.