CityReporterTM Inspection Software by Noratek helps local
governments improve productivity, risk management, documentation and efficiency.
Reduce Inspection
time by 40%.
CityReporterTM is modular so you use only what you need and is scalable allowing you to add-on inspection modules when you need to.
CityReporterTM creates a very efficient environment which allows you and your team to complete the volume of inspections you have in less time.
Work Less.
Inspect More.

Welcome to CityReporter Inspection Software, a paperless, comprehensive inspection management solution that is mobile friendly, customizable, easy to use and is easy to set up.

Use your tablet or smartphone to conduct faster, better inspections that lead to improved efficiency, risk management and record-keeping.  Perform inspections for Parks and Playgrounds, Facilities, Arenas and swimming pools, Building Permits and Construction, Fire Prevention, Sport Fields, Highways and Roads, and Workplace Safety all with CityReporter.  Offering you a comprehensive inspection solution.

Cities around you are conducting faster, better inspections with CityReporter. Discover how this can work for you!

Playground structure

Parks Dept Becomes Proactive, Not Reactive

Staff at the City of Lafayette in Colorado were attending a CPSI course when they heard about CityReporter. They figured they'd use it to manage their playground inspections - but found it was able to do a lot more than just cut down on paperwork.
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District Digitizes Landfill Inspections

One regional district in British Columbia has put CityReporter's facility inspection module to work in their waste management division. District staff are able to easily conduct inspections of transfer stations, landfills, and recycling depots on their mobile devices, even in remote areas with no cellular service.
Inspector on construction site using CityReporter

Faster Permit Times For St. John's

The City of St John's has implemented a new process for building permit inspections that will see inspections done more quickly and effectively. City inspectors will be equipped with CityReporter inspection software on their smartphones and tablets, which will allow them to complete and file reports electronically.
Inspectors using CityReporter photo

Village Now Has Building Permit Audit Trail

The smallest towns and villages are responsible for processing building permits and conducting thorough inspections of construction sites. The Village of Radium Hot Springs, a tiny location in BC, Canada, decided to adopt CityReporter to ensure a good audit trail for building inspections.
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Park Supervisor Recognized For Safety Program

Mike Pigg, parks supervisor at the City of Billings, MT, was recently recognized as the 2015 Young Professional of the Year thanks to the playground safety program he implemented using CityReporter.
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Park District Achieves Faster, Easier Reporting

More than 15 park districts across Illinois use tablets for their playground inspections. One supervisor explains what he likes about CityReporter and how it's improved operations in his own department.
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Wood Processing Plant Improves Dust Mitigation

After two sawmill explosions rocked the lumber industry in northern BC, one pellet plant decided to implement mobile inspection software to stay on top of daily wood dust inspections. The results of their pilot project are promising.
Inspector using CityReporter

Building Official Reduces Town's Risk

The Town of Qualicum Beach implemented building inspection software as part of a pilot project... and improved their processes so much they were featured in a case study put together by BlackBerry.
Inspector using CityReporter at construction site

Permit Department Now Has Thorough Documentation

One building department in BC, Canada used to struggle with inefficiencies, lost paperwork, and expensive multi-part forms. Since implementing inspection software on their tablets, their paper-based problems are a thing of the past.
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City Now Continuously Monitors Playgrounds

The City of Colton's Bill Smith has both a CPRP and CPSI designation. He knows what's critical when it comes to keeping his playgrounds and recreational facilities in top condition. According to Bill, CityReporter meets his maintenance reporting needs in several ways.
Road photo

Highway Contractor Eliminates Paper

In the Province of British Columbia, highway maintenance is outsourced to contractors. They're required to provide the Ministry of Transportation with quality assurance documentation. That involves an overwhelming amount of paperwork. CityReporter helped them meet their record-keeping obligations with far less effort.
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City Finds Going Digital Is "Easy"

Making the switch from paper inspections to digital inspections might seem intimidating, but with the right support it can actually be an easy process. The City of Campbell River made the transition and outlines their expectations and results.
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Development Services Saves Money

The building inspector in Castlegar, BC, switched from doing his permit inspections the traditional way. Once he adopted CityReporter's mobile inspection software, he realized that his department would save money by going green. Read on to learn why!
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Park District Saves $4,000 Annually

In 2011, Zion Park District wasn’t sure about switching to CityReporter. They had a number of existing problems – missing reports, incomplete inspections, and high transportation costs – but their maintenance supervisor thought using inspection software would be frustrating.
Fire safety equipment

Fire Chief Getting More Inspections Done

As Director of Protective Services, fire chief Jim McBride juggled a lot of duties. After seeing a fellow fire chief do inspections on an iPad, he was intrigued and decided to try it for himself.
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Park District Cuts Paperwork By 50%

Sandwich Park District, located in Illinois, is responsible for maintaining 9 parks and 1 facility with a small staff. In 2012, they began using CityReporter in order to streamline their operations and get more done with a limited amount of resources.

Check out our Risk Management & Loss Prevention Section with our in-house expert Alan Kavanaugh

Inspect More. Work Less.

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CityReporterTM Inspection Modules. Use only what you need.

CityReporter is an inspection management software solution that comes in specific modules, so you only need to use and pay for what you need.  Each module is tailored to the needs of specific municipal government departments. Individually these modules are robust, detailed, customizable and easy to use.  Together, they can quickly become a very valuable asset for any local government as these solutions will make you more efficient, help manage risk factors and provide detailed records that are always at your fingertips.

Need help choosing what inspection modules are right for you? Contact Us.

There are many advantages to going with CityReporter as your inspection management solution. If you’re interested, contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our Product Specialists.  From here we can guide you on what module(s) will best suite your needs, explain our advantages and all the benefits you will get when going with our inspection software.

Inspection solutions that complement Asset Management software. Together we are like peanut butter and jelly.

Asset Management software is a key component to any municipal government and although they can offer some very basic inspection elements, they do not provide you with the detail that our solutions do.  CityReporter is an ideal complement to any asset management software as our focus is on ensuring your inspections are done with the integrity you need.

Less paperwork, less risk, better record keeping. Just some of the benefits of going digital.

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Improved Productivity

Stop entering inspection data into spreadsheets and manually creating reports. Cities can cut the amount of time they spend on paperwork by 70% or more.

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Improved Risk Management

The cost and number of liability claims against municipalities is increasing dramatically. When a city loses a claim, it’s often related to poor inspection documentation.

Improved Record Keeping

One tap on your touch screen automatically files your inspection records in the cloud. The digital records take up no space in document storage facilities and can’t be deleted.

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